bilskie environmental consulting, llc

Contact Information

1649 Blaine Avenue
Salt Lake City UT  84105

Phone: (801)906-0861

Company Introduction

Bilskie Environmental Consulting provides expertise with extensive experience in:

  • Monitoring system design for all methods of soil water and solute flux measurements
  • Troubleshooting and retrofitting installed monitoring systems
  • Data management; analysis and modeling of measured physical properties
  • Porous-media hydraulic property characterization using field and laboratory measurements, including analysis using popular models, including Hydrus™
  • Surface mine site measurement system design for monitoring and reclamation applications

If your objective is to develop a reliable and accurate monitoring system to measure water, solute, or gas fluxes in the near-surface ecosystem and to transform the measured data into useful information, we have first-hand experience to help you achieve your project goals.

Service Areas

Supported Applications

Environmental Research
Water Quality

Certified Campbell Scientific Partner