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FTPClient issue using COM111 and CR1000X

firmin Dec 4, 2019 02:14 AM


We have an issue trying to push data on a FTP trhough a COM111 modem.

It works only the first try and after the modem seems to be busy even after a reboot.

ppp state = "user Interrupt"

IP =

The only thing that works is to change the "config/port used" but it is not substainable.

Our configuration:

- modem setup on Mobile Data Assitance:  Com111/2G/3G => GPRS/2G/3G =>CR1000(x) => Logger IP Stack => Callback(Outgoing)

- device config: Deployment => PPP=> Config/port : COMC7

- hardware connection: SubD Male CR1000x : 5 => GND  |  2 => C8  |  3 => C7

Concerned code part:

IP_PPP=IPInfo (1,0)

if timeintoInterval(0,1,Day) then
   SW12 (SW12_2,0 )
   Delay (0,10,Sec)
   SW12 (SW12_2,1 )

FTPResult = FTPClient("FTPadresse","user","pw","datatable_name","file.csv",9,0,1,Hr,-1008)

I wonder if we should include that part in a SlowSequence ?

for example :

     FTPResult = FTPClient("FTPadresse","user","pw","datatable_name","file.csv",9,0,1,Hr,-1008)



WillSWL Jan 3, 2020 06:45 AM

Im having a similar issue.  Logger and modem setup with MDA, listening for incoming.  Works for a bit then:

ppp state = "user Interrupt"

Same issue using either CS i/o with appropriate interface or directly on RS232.  Worked fine 3.5 years on the CR1000.

UK phone support is telling me I need to use the code in the modem manual "CS-GSM/GPRS
Digital Transceiver Kits" to cleanly shut down GPRS etc.  I'm calling bull.  

Seems like OS issue.

JDavis Jan 3, 2020 12:48 PM

Are you running OS 3.02 on the CR1000X? That included a fix for the "User Interrupt" condition.

The internet changes quickly, unfortunately that means needing to regularly update datalogger OSes to keep up.

You should include the shutdown code from the modem manual as recommended. Think of it like telling your PC to shut down, instead of pulling the power plug out of the wall.

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