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CO2 probe to CR1000

AdamPFR Dec 17, 2019 10:42 PM


I'd like to connect a Vaisala GMP222 CO2 probe to a CR1000 data logger. I'm a novice with CS loggers but keen to learn!

I dont have the user guide for the probe but think the wiring for the sensor is:

Pin   Colour   Analog signal   RS-232C

1      White                             TX

2      Brown                            TX

3      Green                             RX

4      Yellow    Signal +            -

5      Grey      Supply Gnd      Supply Gnd

6      Pink       +11-36V DC     +11-36V DC

7      Blue                                RX

8      Shield     Signal Gnd       -

I understand I can use a single ended voltage measurement (pin 4 to H, pin 5 to Gnd, pin 8 Gnd). With this wiring I get a voltage measure from this but dont know how to convert it to CO2 ppm.

Can anyone reccommend a better approach?


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