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Compiler warning for watchdog timer Minion signature triggered

Eric Courtin Jul 13, 2021 03:54 PM

I am looking to understand the cause of the following message that is displayed in the status table of my loggers:

"Results for last program compiled: Warning: Watchdog timer Minion Signature __ triggered"

where the underscore is C3 in case 1 and U11 in case 2. 

In case 1 it occured with a CR1000X and the problem began after updating to the latest O.S. It caused the logger to restart itself around midnight every day. C3 has a serial connection (a COM9522B sat modem)

In case 2 it occured with CR6s, observed with both O.S. 11.00 and 11.01. No O.S. update was performed; the loggers had the compiler warning and had been accumulating watchdog errors previously. U11 has a serial connection as well (a "Shape Array" inclinometer). 

In both cases, the compiler warning disappeared after simply stopping the program and then restarting it.

I am mainly concerned about the potential for this issue to reccur unexpectedly but it would be good to understand the root cause regardless.

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