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Perl script for ISCO Sampler data downloaded via Samplink

lespedeza Aug 10, 2009 07:57 PM

Not sure how many Campbell users out there use ISCO automated samplers, but I figured I'd post this just in case someone finds it useful.

We use ISCO samplers a lot interfaced with Campbell dataloggers and I've recently spent some time writing a script that might be useful for other users with the same/similar setup. The datalogger programs that we have developed write the sample data/time to a table, but we also like having the data from the sampler itself for redundancy.

Unfortunately ISCO hasn't updated their Samplink software in a long time and it saves the sample information in a format that isn't very easy to use. So, I took the time to write a Perl script that basically extracts the information from the Samplink file, manipulates it a little bit, puts in order and saves it in a CSV format for easy use in excel or other spreadsheet software.

If anyone is interested, just send me an email at jimmyk (at) ufl (dot) edu and I'll send you what I've come up with.



alpino Nov 11, 2015 03:22 PM

Dear Jimmy and other Isco-Campbell users,
it seems you have experience with the combination of Isco-Campbell - therefore I post is below your thread.

We are trying to trigger the Isco (6721) by the Campbell data logger (CR1000) with help of the 10164-L Sampler Control Cable.
As we have some problems with the Isco to set it to the right "program modus" in which it can receive the necessary 12V for the pump signal - I ask for help.
The campbell logger works fine, the program code is already implemented - if anyone has experience with the connection, we are happy for any information.

lespedeza Dec 23, 2015 04:48 AM

Hi alpino, I'll try to help.

I'm not sure what you've tried, so you may have already tried what I suggest. Also, I don't work with Isco's or Campbell dataloggers at the current time, so this is from what I remember. Sorry if it is not correct.

I would typically put the Isco in flow-based mode even though there was no actual flowmeter hooked up to it. I think I would just set it to take a sample after 10 pulses or something like that. This would never occur because you're going to use a different method to force the Isco to take a sample.

Then I would also program the Isco to take a sample upon Enable (See 5.12.3 in the Isco 6712 manual). The Enable function works with Pin F on the flowmeter connector which is the green wire. If you connect the green wire to a control port on the datalogger, you should be able to set it high for a few seconds whenever you want to take a sample. I think for this to work you would only need to have the green wire connected to the control port and the purple wire connected to ground.

I know this isn't the method in the 10164 manual, but from what I remember, this is what worked for me.

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