PC-TDR TDR100 Support Software
Used for Setup and Troubleshooting of TDR200 and TDR100 Systems
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Current Version: 2.08

PC-TDR software is used with our TDR100-based systems during system setup and troubleshooting. It displays volumetric water content and electrical conductivity, switches multiplexer channels, collects waveform and derivative data files, and determines probe constant values needed for electrical conductivity measurements.

Benefits and Features

  • Designed to work with the new TDR200 while remaining fully compatible with the retired TDR100 Time-Domain Reflectometer
  • Compatible with current Windows operating systems (support for Windows 10/11)
  • Advanced CRBasic program generator for both TDR200 and TDR100 systems, including support for the SDM8X50 and SDMX50 multiplexers, as well as default probe settings for all Campbell Scientific-built TDR probes
  • Probe Calibration wizard to determine probe specific lengths, offsets, and Kp values for all Campbell Scientific or third-party probes
  • Graphical TDR network setup based on Network Planner, allowing for easy setup and programing
  • View the TDR Trace, 1st derivative, or 2nd derivative waveforms of multiple probes within the same graph
  • Quickly toggle baseline measurement from the graph view
  • Graphically display the beginning and ending reflection for water content measurements
  • Import/Export TDR probe data using TOA5 or XML file formats
  • Allows access to the new TDR200 features including 60/50 Hz noise reduction, advanced TDR filtering, and the ability to measure up to 10,112 discreet points along a window length



Current Version 3.0


  • PC-TDR software is used with our TDR200 and retired TDR100-based systems.
  • PC-TDR is compatible with current Windows operating systems (support for Windows 10/11).
  • An available USB port is required to connect to the TDR200, and a USB-to-serial adapter may be required to connect to the retired TDR100.


PC-TDR v.3.0 (7.34 MB) 15-12-2016

Support software designed for the TDR200 and is also compatible with the retired TDR100 Time-Domain Reflectometer.

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