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  1. When a battery won’t charge above approximately 10 or 8 V, it has a bad cell. The battery should be replaced.

    A 12 V lead-acid battery is six cells in series; the chemistry provides a little over 2 V per cell.

  2. Yes. However, if the datalogger has an internal rechargeable battery, such as the CR3000 with the rechargeable base, disconnect the datalogger battery before connecting the motorcycle battery to the green power connector on the front of the datalogger. Two rechargeable batteries that have different Ahr ratings should not be connected in parallel.

  3. Estimating the power consumption of a system can help with selecting the best power supply option. The system power consumption can be approximated by calculating the average current required by the datalogger, sensors, and peripheral equipment. This average current drain is primarily determined by the percentage of time spent in an active versus quiescent state, which can be approximated from the scan rate and program length of the datalogger.

    For more information, and guidance through the calculations, see the "Power Supplies Overview" brochure or the "Power Supplies" application note.