The Austin College Weather Station (ACWX) is located on Austin College's Sneed Environmental Research Area, approximately 10 miles west of Sherman. The weather station provides unique opportunities to study weather and climate in North Texas.

Established in Spring 2001 by undergraduate physics students, the main objectives of the weather station are the following:

  • To measure the surface energy balance for land-atmosphere research
  • To provide reliable meteorological information for the Austin College and local communities
  • To involve undergraduates in high-quality scientific research

Resumen de casos de estudio


Weather and climate in North Texas


Texas, USA

Productos utilizados

CR23X  CS105  HMP50-L  TE525-L  03001-L  TCAV-L  CS615-L  LI200X-L  Q7.1-L  HFP01SC-L 

Escrito por:

Dr. David Baker

Organizaciones participantes

Austin College

Parámetros medidos

Air temperature, relative humidity, dew point, wind speed, wind direction, barometric pressure, precipitation

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