Close to the WY/UT border just SW of Evanston, WY, Rees Creek is an upper tributary of the Weber River that has been identified as a major source of sediment in the river. The stream is intermittent, and the CR10X datalogger is programmed to measure water level. When water is detected, the data logger measures conductivity and turbidity, and initiates a sample using a American Sigma sampler. Sensors are the following: FTS DTS-12 turbidity sensor, OTT Nimbus bubbler, and a Campbell Scientific conductivity and temperature sensor. The sensors are installed at the entrance of a 12 in. Parshall flume. This allows calculation of discharge from the stage (water level) reading. Power is from a deep-cycle marine battery that is charged by a 20 W solar panel.

Resumen de casos de estudio


Monitoring water quality in an intermittent stream

Productos utilizados


Parámetros medidos

Turbidity, conductivity, level (bubbler), water temperature

Dispositivos bajo control

Water sampler

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Electronic Data Solutions