KonectGDS Konect Global Data Services

Konect Data Services from Campbell Scientific are designed with security from the datalogger all the way to your browser. Built around the latest technologies, we can collect, archive, present and relay your data in a variety of ways, all the time ensuring your data remains safe, secure but highly accessible when you need it. A simple low monthly subscription ensures that this service is cost effective... Aprenda mas

HygroVUE10 Digital Temperature and Relative Humidity Sensor with M12 Connector

The HygroVUE™10 offers a combined temperature and relative humidity element in an advanced digital sensor that is ideal for weather networks. The electronics within the sensor provide accurate measurements, and the sensor is easy to use. The digital SDI-12 output allows a simple connection and measurement by many data logging systems. Another benefit is that this digital output avoids the extra errors associated with measuring... Aprenda mas

CR300 Datalogger

The CR300 is a multi-purpose, compact measurement and control data logger. This small, low-cost, high-value data logger offers fast communications, low power requirements, built-in USB, and excellent analog input accuracy and resolution. The CR300 can measure most hydrological, meteorological, environmental, and industrial sensors. It concentrates data, makes it available over varied networks, and delivers it using your preferred protocol. It also performs automated on-site or... Aprenda mas

CR6 Measurement and Control Datalogger

El todo nuevo Datalogger CR6 será un núcleo importante para su sistema de adquisición de datos. Hemos combinado las mejores destrezas de todos nuestros dataloggers para llevarle a usted un equipo de alto rendimiento. Comunicación veloz, bajo requerimiento de energía,  USB integrado, y conexiones desmontables son algunas de las nuevas y mejoradas características del poderoso CR6. El CR6 introduce la nueva terminal universal (U) una... Aprenda mas

IRGASON Integrated CO2 and H2O Open-Path Gas Analyzer and 3-D Sonic Anemometer

Campbell Scientific’s IRGASON fully integrates the open-path analyzer and sonic anemometer. Designed specifically for eddy-covariance flux measurements, the patented design is easier to install and use than separate sensors and provides increased measurement accuracy. The IRGASON simultaneously measures absolute carbon dioxide and water vapor, air temperature, barometric pressure, three-dimensional wind speed, and sonic air temperature. U.S. patent D680455 For more information about the benefits of having a... Aprenda mas

CS650G Rod Insertion Guide Tool

The CS650G makes inserting soil-water sensors easier in dense or rocky soils. This tool can be hammered into the soil with force that might damage the sensor if the CS650G were not used. It makes pilot holes into which the rods of the sensors can then be inserted. It replaces both the 14383 and 14384. Aprenda mas

LoggerLink Mobile Apps for iOS and Android

Current Version for iOS: 1.7 Current Version for Android: 1.6.8--> LoggerLink Mobile Apps are simple yet powerful tools that allow an iOS or Android device to communicate with our CR200X, CR800, CR850, CR1000, CR3000, CR6, or CR300 dataloggers via an IP device (NL115, NL116, NL120, NL121, NL201, NL240, NL241, RavenXTV, RavenXTG, RV50). LoggerLink for Android also supports Bluetooth communication for these same data loggers using an RS-232-Bluetooth adapter.... Aprenda mas

AP200 CO2/H2O Atmospheric Profile System

The AP200 is a complete, integrated CO2 and H2O atmospheric profile system. It measures carbon dioxide (CO2) and water vapor (H2O) concentration from up to eight intakes, which are normally spaced along the height of a tower to give a vertical profile. The AP200 is often used in conjunction with an eddy-covariance system to measure the storage term and give a more complete measure of... Aprenda mas

CS120 Atmospheric Visibility Sensor

The CS120 uses tried-and-tested, infrared forward-scatter technology, and uses the proven 42° scatter angle to report meteorological observable range (MOR) for fog and snow in the range 10 to 30,000 m. It combines a high specification with a very competitive price. The CS120 is ideal for stand-alone applications or in combination with automatic weather stations in road, aviation, solar-energy, and wind-energy environments. Note: Campbell Scientific does... Aprenda mas

HS2 HydroSense II Handheld Soil Moisture Sensor

The HS2 is the handheld display for the new Hydrosense II soil-water sensor. When paired with either the CS658 or CS659 portable soil-water probes, it replaces the previous Hydrosense soil-water system. It features a new handheld display and a new probe design. The HS2 handheld has been designed to be compact and portable, with the layout of the buttons allowing for operation with one hand. Aprenda mas

CD100 Mountable Display with Keypad

The CD100 is a mountable display with a keypad for datalogger data entry and display. It has a vacuum flourescent display for responsive use through a very wide operating temperature range. Its operation is the same as the CR1000KD. Aprenda mas

CWS655 900 MHz Wireless Soil-Water Probe

The CWS655 is a wireless version of our CS655 soil water reflectometer. It has 12 cm rods and monitors soil volumetric water content, bulk electrical conductivity, and temperature. This reflectometer has an internal 900 MHz spread-spectrum radio that transmits data to a CWB100 Wireless Base Station or to another wireless sensor. The internal radio's frequency is commonly used in the US and Canada. Aprenda mas

CS655 12 cm Soil Water Content Reflectometer

The CS655 is a multiparameter smart sensor that uses innovative techniques to monitor soil volumetric-water content, bulk electrical conductivity, and temperature. It outputs an SDI-12 signal that many of our dataloggers can measure. It has shorter rods than the CS650, for use in problem soils. Aprenda mas

OBS500 Smart Turbidity Meter with Antifouling Features

The OBS500 is a submersible turbidity probe with active antifouling capabilities for better measurements in biologically active water with both high and low turbidity. It outputs an SDI-12, digitally processed signal that many of our dataloggers can measure. ClearSensor®  and OBS® are registered trademarks of Campbell Scientific. Aprenda mas

CC5MPX Digital Camera

The CC5MPX is a high-resolution digital network camera with video capabilities. It requires little power, making it ideal for battery-powered installations. The camera can produce images of up to 5 megapixels, and has a rugged environmental case that allows it to be used outside in extremes of temperature. It is compatible with Campbell Scientific dataloggers. An SD memory card for image storage is available as... Aprenda mas

CS725 Snow Water Equivalent Sensor

The CS725 measures snow-water equivalent (SWE) by passively detecting the change in naturally occurring electromagnetic energy from the ground after it passes through snow cover. It is mounted above the ground and has no contact with the snow. As the snow pack increases, the sensor detects the attenuation of the electromagnetic energy from the ground, and SWE can be calculated. The measurement area of the... Aprenda mas

CS650 30 cm Soil Water Content Reflectometer

The CS650 is a multiparameter smart sensor that uses innovative techniques to monitor soil volumetric water content, bulk electrical conductivity, and temperature. It outputs an SDI-12 signal that many of our dataloggers can measure. Aprenda mas

TX320 High Data Rate (HDR) GOES Transmitter

Campbell Scientific’s TX320 is a high data rate (HDR) transmitter that provides communications, via GOES satellites, from a Data Collection Platform (DCP) to a receiving station. It is compatible with most Campbell Scientific dataloggers and offers a convenient telemetry option for remote DCPs in the Western Hemisphere. Aprenda mas

CS125 Present Weather and Visibility Sensor

The CS125 is an infrared forward-scatter visibility and present weather sensor for stand-alone use or with automatic weather stations including those for road, marine, and airport applications. Aprenda mas

CM106 7-to-10 ft Galvanized-Steel-Tubing Tripod

The CM106 is an adjustable tripod made of galvanized steel tubing. It is adjustable from 7 to 10 ft, so it replaces the 6 ft CM6 and the 10 ft CM10. It is also lighter than those tripods because it is made with tubing and they are made with pipe. The CM106 is a general purpose tripod that can be used for mounting sensors, solar... Aprenda mas

CPEC200 Closed-Path Eddy-Covariance System

The CPEC200 is a turn-key, closed-path eddy-covariance (EC) flux system for long-term monitoring of atmosphere-biosphere exchanges of carbon dioxide, water vapor, heat, and momentum. A complete system consists of a closed-path gas analyzer (EC155 closed-path gas analyzer), sonic anemometer (CSAT3A sonic anemometer), datalogger (CR3000 datalogger), and sample pump. A valve module is also available for automated zero and span. The gas analyzer’s intake design and small sample... Aprenda mas

CWS220 900 MHz Wireless Infrared Radiometer

The CWS220 is a wireless version of our SI-111 infrared radiometer. It measures the surface temperature of an object without physical contact. This radiometer has an internal 900 MHz spread-spectrum radio that transmits data to a CWB100 Wireless Base Station or to another wireless sensor. The frequency of the CWS220's internal radio is commonly used in the US and Canada. Aprenda mas

CWS900 900 MHz Configurable Wireless Sensor Interface

The CWS900 allows a sensor with a special connector to be used in a wireless sensor network; the special connector is available as an option for a large variety of sensors. (See the Compatibility information on the web page.) The CWS900 contains an internal 900 MHz spread-spectrum radio that transmits data to the CWB100 Wireless Base Station or to another wireless sensor. The frequency of the... Aprenda mas

CWB100 900 MHz Wireless-Sensor Base

The CWB100 is the master radio in a Campbell Scientific wireless-sensor network. It polls and stores data from up to 50 wireless sensors, and then passes that data to a datalogger. Its internal radio has a 902 to 918 MHz frequency range, which is used in the USA and Canada. Aprenda mas